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Hytera Wireless Two Way Radio Handsets

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Hytera two-way radios were founded in 1993 and have developed their wireless radios beyond anything else out there and rank as the second largest radio manufacturer by market share of over 12%. Hytera were one of the first companies to offer digital radios that also included analogue communications ability. This ensures that if you currently have analogue two-way radios but you want to use digital technology in the future, it is possible to buy Hytera digital equipment but use it in analogue mode so that the Hytera handsets work with existing radios. When the analogue equipment is disposed of then its simple to change the Hytera handsets to digital. Digital walkie talkies are substantially quieter than analogue solutions and offer substantially more features and benefits than any analogue based communication system could ever do. 

With years of development in dedicated network communications, Hytera has been launching products and solutions for industries such as public safety, public utilities, big transport, emergency and rescue, and commerce. In addition, it also offers customers in-depth customizable solutions based on industry sector.  Hytera also are involved with satellite communications, command and dispatch, smart accessories and other technical achievements.

Taking a look at some of the Hytera products will quickly confirm that Hytera make regular analogue digital handsets, ATEX hand sets that are used in dangerous areas and even TETRA handsets as used by emergency teams and others throughout the United Kingdom.  These radios are competitively priced but offer an incredible specification compared to most other equipment we sell and that is one reason that Hytera is one of the biggest selling brands we handle.

LRS UK carries a massive range of Hytera products as you can see below. Some of these radios are literally as small as a mobile phone and just a sleek in design so they can be used discreetly and unnoticeable in general use if that is important for security guards for example. Every accessory is carried by LRS and our support for these handsets is second to none.

If you need lone worker ability then the Hytera handles those features admirably. But we find that the biggest single feature why customers buy this brand is the compatibility with analogue radios. There are licensed and license free handsets available covering personal and business use right through to specialised equipment for hazardous areas of work and more.

As you can see from the above selection of two-way radios Hytera have handsets that cover near enough every single sector of business or  private use of  communication that you could wish for. Robust and designed to last for years, exceptional value for money, extensive support in the unlikely event that you have any issues and of course our direct support for users. LRS UK have always had a big emphasis on customer support and you will find that whether you're buying, or if it's an after sales call that we will be just as enthusiastic to help you resolve any problem. Anytime!

The PD355 series of handset is an extremely elegant design, its analogue and digital and they can be bought either licences or license free and a close look at the specifications will show you just what lengths Hytera go to in developing some of the worlds leading long range two-way radios on the market today. Other commendable handsets are the six series that are compatible with near enough all other radios and can integrate in to landline phone systems, includes messaging, includes alarms and the main body is made of alloy making this a lightweight unit, but also an robust unit that can take the knocks from serious work loads.

Lastly the 700 series of two-way radio handset offer a full range of radios including ATEX. These robust units in this range are new designs and are an advanced radio that can operate in a multimode way that can include video and imaging as part of the communications at hand. The 700 series is also a Voice Over Internet Protocol unit or VOIP capable unit. LCD screens and OLED displays confirm the commitment by Hytera to this series. Hytera have made these 'future proof' because of the software content on the unit itself that enables almost everything to be upgraded. This type of technology is now also common place in equipment for radio amateurs and we will be adding amateur radio products to this website over time.

We currently have over 33 different radios listed below from Hytera and the models increase all of the time. Our website is not always reflective of every model they make. Examine the hand sets below and if you're looking for a model not shown do call us on 01782 537000 and we can help.