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Radios for Events & Trade Shows

Management of Trade Shows & Events

In the world of trade shows and managing events often two-way radios are hired or rented. If the event is only once or maybe annually then that might make sense. But often organisers or management teams are operating and developing events all the time and often its good to use the same latest technology is better than changing radio models. However our radio hiring is as least comparable to other companies and in many instances we could cite is actually better.

two-way radio at an event or trade show

The most important aspect though, is to ensure that management get decent equipment that will fulfill the needs of the event without the encumbrance of difficulties with failed radios or supporting equipment. And not every events company wants the 'latest' device, often low cost rental radios will suffice. Weren't from just £4 a week!

Equipment needs to be reliable of course, but getting the right handset to cover the whole show or event is also critical to the success of the event and if you're responsible for the safety aspect of trade shows or events its reasonably obvious that ensuring the handset has emergency features built right in to the unit really does matter.

We are able to help with all aspects of communication licensing for trade shows and events if you need our support. We offer this service because it can be difficult for any management company to arrange their own licensing especially if they have little experience in this area. In fact, we help some of the largest companies in the UK with their licensing needs and have done since 2006 over  thousands of sites.

One of the benefits of working with us is that we are able to supply equipment for testing on-site at the venue for free so that you can be sure that there will be adequate coverage for the event. And if you need us we'll be there for you. We can carry out any consultation about communications requirements for you from highly technical employees that we have.

Choice of Equipment
Some companies have a strong bias toward particular equipment but we don't do that because we sell all radio brands and offer clients the best solution irrespective of the brands. Using a radio like the Motorola DP4400 handset or Hytera PD705 are both great choices for this sector. If you need a repeater for on-site

Just for clarity, we can supply radios that you buy or we can hire them to you at low cost. But please understand that we do not operate outside the UK for events and have no direction to do so.

Reliability Matters
Brands available are many, but the equipment we rent, hire or sell is always optimised to be easy to use, simple to carry, will withstand difficult operation environments, have great battery life and most have crystal clear audio by being digital and we can also supply all accessories.  Our technical support engineers are always friendly and can help you with any aspect of support or use queries.

There are sometimes specific needs for communications used at events but our radios will cover most eventualities. Here are a few of the features and benefits:

    * Very robust units that can take a pounding
    * Exceptional battery life especially on digital handsets
    * Most units come with lone worker and man down if required
    * Highest quality sound - crystal clear - but also high volume too - essential for concerts
    * Excellent range and repeaters available if needed
    * Internal emergency alarms
    * Waterproof with IP ratings
    * Excellent technical support for free

No matter what your needs are, we have communication long range wireless radios available to meet your needs whether buy, rent or hire at great pricing that will make you smile! Contact us or call 01782 537000 to speak with one of our expert comms specialists.