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Repair Your Radio Handsets

First Class Guaranteed Repairs

Sometimes radio equipment fails! That's a fact of life. Let's face it, handsets get a real hammering and while they are generally of robust design sometimes you just have to get them repaired.

That's where we come in. While we don't repair every single brand of radios out there (there are literally thousands) we can offer a professional repair service for a substantial number of walkie talkie wireless radios.


We have a number of engineers on hand that have been supporting many electronic products for many years (all the way back to 1989) and they have a wealth of experience to fall back on. We also have close links with suppliers to ensure that equipment we repair is up to the standard that you might expect. Utilising some of the latest test equipment you can rest assured that when you get radio issues that we can handle the repair for you in a fast and efficient manner. And our guarantees are generally better than competitors for all of our repairs.

We have some of the latest test equipment that can help us to carry out diagnostic work and quickly ensure that we can offer a really great service.  Our  technical services for installations and other consultation services for anything relating to IT, Wireless radio, on-site communications, mobile phones and bill analysis and other aspects of what we do can actually save customers on occasion as much as tens of thousands of pounds so please do call us about how we can help.

If you have faulty radios and need fast repairs or simply want to discuss any aspect of your communications call us on 01782537000 or fill out the form below: