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Radios for Transport

Vehicle Communications

The days where CB radio and 'Smokie and the Bandit' are long gone. Things have become far more serious when it comes down to vehicle communications to employees or truck drivers while at the wheel of a vehicle. Two-way radios are used for communication for sure, but equally vehicle tracking to ensure delivery of goods and it's scheduling in a timely manner is also essential. Newer equipment with GPS tracking can help operators to run an efficient operation and be completely up to date on where any vehicle might be located. Vehicle tracking, or tracking of pallets, is also commonplace and LRS have other  solutions specific to those problems, but could be used in many business environments when tracking of any asset is a necessity.

vehicle radio and trucks

Of course, other vehicles like trains, bus services and other transport areas do benefit from instant communications so long range radios are often used.

The key to using wireless solutions is that it creates the ability for conversation for any party within range so the technology is great for on-site use communicating to improve efficiency.

For vehicle use there are many options available including specific mobile radios for vehicle installations. These can, and are designed to be compatible with hand held walkie talkie units and can be very effective.

Long Range Systems is currently in it's 30th year in 2019 and have been supplying two way radio equipment to industry for most of that time. LRS has other equipment that can also be used for logistics, but often wireless is used when vehicles are waiting for bays.

Other wide area communications systems are available, like SYMPOC which needs zero infrastructure investment on the part of the operator. POC is an emerging technology system that can apply to smooth business operations, worker safety information sharing and more. It is a cellular network with coverage worldwide. For this system all of the fleet work such as programming and other maintenance can be completely controlled remotely. There are two separate components to the POC system, one is the specialised handset and the other us the simple to use application software. Using highest quality equipment with cutting edge software creates the best solution available currently under the POC communications solutions banner.

Ensuring that your voice and communications for data are up to date with the latest digital technology and techniques with digital-radios enhances any business that is operating transport. Contact 01782 537000 for more options and other information.