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Radios for Manufacturers

Manufacturing Communications

Production and manufacturing is a tough business to keep a steady flow of essential components for the process. And any delays will cost the company substantially in both lost time and lost production output. And importantly the logistics operations of any manufacturing plant plays a very big role in creating perfect JIT (just in time) continuation through the factory. Clearly the employee communications are the main focus where considering how to improve and increase productivity throughout the plant.

manufacture and production using radios

Staff can only be as good as the conversations they have between each other and in this sector of business it can be critical to the business that they are in conversation continuously. One way of achieving that site wide is two-way radios that are robust, long range, usually digital and can be extended for future expansion as the site expands. Security is another concern of manufacturers and good security can be helped tremendously with two way conversations by security staff. And the safety of all employees is paramount because in manufacturing there are numbers of fatalities within the sector.

Delivery of parts and other goods can become really hard to manage especially when high throughput is desired maybe because of the time of year, or even end of year of the company. With trucks delivering all the time often 24 x 7 hours of operation managing trucks to get them to unloading and loading bays in a timely manner matters. LRS has extensive experience in all of these communication aspects and we can help with two-way radios.

For general use there are many radio handsets that can meet the requirements for ordinary staff, and as the introduction of security or safety or logistics is introduced then more specialised units will be needed. Whatever the size of your manufacturing whether small medium or large operation there is a hand set radio suitable for your exact requirements. Configurations can be from simple one button press for talking to highly programmed equipment that can be used for group talking, for messaging every radio user on-site or even department communications between members of specific groups. The features are endless and some features will not be needed, but ensuring that your equipment is exactly what you need ensures that any radios you use onsite will be as efficient as they can be, rather than making things difficult for no real reason.

For lone workers or any man down situation specific radio equipment is needed and the choice of handset is important. We recommend licensed two-way radios to reduce the interference that unlicensed units often produce. We can supply all radios, but we supply companies like JCB with a number of brands that work exceptionally well. The HTQ 8800 is used generally as devices to talk, but also for lone worker and man down use and its a digital unit that ensures crystal clear voice and high audio output. Other long range radios like the Motorola DP1400 handset is lower cost than the DP4800 for example and is still a great radio for production use. It is likely in some very large sites that you will need a repeater or more than one to cover entire sites.

Radios are great for the logistics teams, but one company, LRS, sells specialised pagers for logistics that are better at handling drivers to bays than radios can be. However, for smaller manufacturing plants radios are an option. We have extensive experience in on-site communication and can offer a specialised service that can also train employees, advise on specific use and of course offer excellent support. Lease or hire options are available as well as buying directly from us and we sell all brands. No matter what current solution you might have, we can help turn it in to the equipment that makes your site reach targets and improve efficiency levels.

Features and benefits

    * Extensive experience with manufacturer sites
    * Extensive logistics sites using our equipment
    * On-site support if needed
    * Programmed for simplicity  but efficiency
    * Digital audio crystal clear and high audio levels
    * Free radio trials for testing onsite
    * Excellent support
    * Lone worker and man down experience with many makers
    * All brands available
    * All radios available

Remember that LRS UK has been around since 1989, probably supplying wireless radios longer than many other companies and whatever your needs you can depend on us. Call 01782 537000 and we're ready to help.