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Kenwood Two Way Radios For Sale

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Everyone has heard of Kenwood! They make car electronics, dash cam's, headphones and communication solutions which is what we're interested in here. And Kenwood make a great range of radios for most uses. Kenwood has in fact been making products since back in 1955  and in 1958 started making products for the radio amateur markets. If you can think of it, Kenwood have it! From analogue or digital operation (or dual mode), licensed or license free, VHF or UHF frequency operation, ATEX safe long range wireless radios, amateur as we already mentioned and of course all of the accessories and support you could ever need.

With the introduction of the NX-5000 and NX-3000 solutions, Kenwood has added multi protocol capability and they confirm that those radios are 'future proof' by design. The DMR hand-portables, mobiles and repeaters, offer many advanced features and functions that allows you to build a digital two-way communications solution that’s exactly correct for your use; from simple peer-to-peer communication by voice, IP enabled voice and data systems for mission, operations or commercial critical applications are all available from Kenwood.

Kenwood DMR devices have fully automatic digital/analogue mixed mode operation that can makes them ideally suited to users migrating from an analogue system to the benefits of digital without having to replace all their devices at the same time. Kenwood are not a low cost solution, but common sense dictates that where the highest specified and great quality is concerned it might sometimes cost a little more than competitive products. And with excellent support from a leading brand what more could you need?

Kenwood has a range of DMR hand-portable radios (digital mobile radios) are connected by matching mobiles and repeaters, which brings the benefits of DMR communications to many more users. For on-site or local area coverage these high quality  radios offer a definite path to upgrade for existing communications while still working seamlessly with legacy analogue radios.

Kenwood ProTalk digital hand-portable walkie talkies have 16 digital channels that make for congestion-free talking, switchable digital/analogue modes on the handset and digital clarity of the audio. Kenwood  quality, reliability, durability and ease of use that has helped to make the ProTalk PMR446 the best choice of professional radio users everywhere.