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HTQ & OPUS Wireless Two Way Radios

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HTQ and Opus brands are high specification and low cost. While that might seem unachievable, we have sold these two brands for many years and had no problems. The brand is a perfect communications radio for near enough every sector of company. If you are looking for high performance equipment that has very functional designs and is particularly robust then these radio series are a great choice for licensed or license free and analogue or digital two way radios. If you use PMR446 radios then the Opus T2 is a great consumer license free radio for an impressive price. But in the same context the T2 is also available as a licensed handset for business use where power is needed.

The great thing about these brands is that they are simple to operate unlike some brands and simplicity usually means that the hand set will get full use as opposed to something over complicated where users might be confused about usage. Having radios that no one can master would of course be a recipe for poor communications. We have sold the HTQ and Opus brands to many sectors of business and have yet to find ANY customer that does not like them.  Backed up with a UK warranty and are compatible with Motorola accessories in general helps to make things simple if you are looking for specific additional components. These handsets can be fully configured under software to offer other options as necessary for your business.

Both of these brands have been on the market for around 20 years and have a massive user base here in the UK. Both brands have lone worker and man down abilities. For example, the HTQ8100 has the ability to report back to other radios on-site that someone needs emergency help because they triggered a sensor in the radio. With the help of other equipment we sell it is possible for the whole system to email, telephone or SMS employees to show there is an incident.

The success of these two handsets is really generated by the compatibility (of some models) with Motorola radios which are often cited as an industry standard. Of course, both of these two-way radio brands carry reduced costs and include features not generally available on the Motorola two-way radios. LRS UK always look for a 'value for money' aspect when we sell any brand and these two brands have stood the test of time for being robust, packed with features and exceptional value with full UK support.