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Motorola Wireless Two Way Radios

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Motorola solutions is a massive organisation. For example in 2017 they invested nearly £437 million in research and development. With those sort of figures it is clear that they have the power to drive communications forward and enhance the technology much further. Motorola of course make far more than simple two-way radios but these devices are also key to the incredible success that this company has had.

In fact, Motorola for LRS UK is one of our largest selling radios that are available from us. We show just 15 units or so below, but the fact remains that these two-way radios are very well priced from us and deliver a no nonsense handset that can stand up to the rigours of day to day use in the most demanding areas of business. Their outdoor radios for consumers are good value and some of the twin-packs available are some of the best value for that sector that there is. The T100 Talkabout radio series is developed for use by an entire family and to stay in touch between each other wherever family members are within range and those are license free.

But of course Motorola offer fully professional equipment too suitable for all business sectors like manufacturing, general workplace use and other areas where improved communications help employees to work more efficiently, create a safer working environment,  boost productivity and throughput. Its these sort of reasons why Motorola is our top seller!

MOTOTRBO™ is a phrase used by Motorola that can help transform your working environment by using digital radio technology. MOTOTRBO has created some well designed sleek, lightweight digital radios that puts digital equipment within reach. They have a very large range of digital products and the industry’s largest collection of data applications if you need them.

This means if you have diverse or dispensed employees, who work in noisy or quiet settings, if you want real time data or clear voice ability, and employees requiring bigger screens or more elegant designs, Motorola have the right products for you.

Motorola devices are a perfect solution for anywhere that noise levels could reach 120 decibels, plant managers often need a two-way radio system that can deliver clear audio without the background noise. But we have supplied even venues where there is live music - and security complained that the radios they had could not be heard in that environment - we replaced them with Motorola 400 series radios and the problem was solved!

No matter what solution for your communications from Motorola you are looking for LRS UK can and will match the right unit for your needs with the right price for these top walkie talkies. The support we offer is second to none also because we come from a sector that values customer support whether you're buying today or if you might have a query or issue with your device. We can offer these Motorola devices sometimes on a trial so please do ask about that as an option by calling us or using our online form.