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Radios in Healthcare

Hospital & Healthcare Communications

Communications in healthcare and hospitals can be critical and can even save lives. We have extensive experience in this sector through other equipment supplies such as patient call or nurse call solutions and even crash systems. But healthcare has a distinct need for radios because of the large size of the sites that can sprawl over many buildings and in some cases over more than one site. Mobile radios based on 'TETRA' are common place for ambulance communications currently, but there is a direction of moving away from solutions like TETRA to move towards more regular equipment operating differently.

wireless radios in healthcare use

On-site, it's a different story altogether, where hospital staff need great communications to improve the services and support for patients, but also for the increase of efficiencies because staff today are under incredible pressure. The secret to their success is good communication. In most hospitals it's important to have a very strong signal over the entire site or sites and often high technology is required in the form of signal repeaters and boosters. With boosters installed hospital radio systems operate flawlessly.

Choosing the right two-way radio solution is important. and in any sector, not least hospitals, the safety of staff is critical. Staff attacks are not uncommon and there is a responsibility on the part of the healthcare organisation or the hospital to provide protection against staff getting hurt. Emergency departments are often at the brunt of this sort of intolerance by patients so any equipment that can help alleviate staff getting hurt is well worthwhile. A newer feature these days is GPS capability on the handset that can help to locate workers that are working by themselves for example.

However, ordinary staff like porters, cleaning colleagues and many other employees also need the ability to communicate effectively and in a concise way. radios are the perfect platform because of the range. Whether outside or in very large buildings the hospital security is yet another aspect that has to be implemented so that a strong signal is used. In hospital security it is essential that clear audio and often encoded audio has to be used. LRS UK and Two Way Radios UK rent, hire and sell handsets that meet all requirements.

On most handsets there are hundreds of channels (or sub channels) beyond 250 available on licensed radios. For more channel availability often a repeater can via sub-groups create far more in the digital domain. In sites where there are literally hundreds or thousands of handset users using Motorola for example, software control is available that manages communication frequencies that enhance the overall operation of the site and increase speed when the site is in high demand.  While Capacity Plus software from Motorola is often cited, it is also often highly priced by some companies. However, we sell that software (which is installed on each repeater) for less than £200 per repeater so the cost overall is actually negligible.

Equipment for everyday radio use include the Kenwood TK3401 licensed radio. The Motorola DP4601 with panic button, GPS integral licensed radio or you might consider the Motorola DP4801 which is very secure, includes ATEX and can support AES256 encoding as indeed many other handsets can.

Some features and benefits include

    * Extended range and excellent coverage without issues
    * Excellent clear audio that is also high output to be heard in most environments
    * Panic button on handsets for staff attack notifications
    * Lone worker or man down options available
    * Free support for equipment we supply and install

Other additional equipment is available such as all accessories as well as repeaters, power supplies, antennas, cabling and other ancillary equipment that our engineers can install on-site for perfect noise free, high quality, high capacity radio communications.

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