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Accessories for Radios

Highest Quality & Best Pricing

As a major supplier of wireless two way radios, you might expect that we supply substantial amounts of accessories including:
            * Batteries     * Chargers     * Earpieces    * Microphones    * Leather Cases   * Replacement Parts and many other accessories directly from the manufacturer to you. But we also supply very high quality third party accessories that carry the same warranty that genuine accessories carry - but at lower cost.


Whether you need 'C' shaped earpieces, 'D' shaped earpieces or even clear acoustic earpieces with or without a microphone we have those for every radio we sell - and we supply the lot!

And with batteries there is often more than meets the eye with those too. Often you will see original brand batteries that carry substantial cost (that we can supply), but more often our HQ batteries offer very high specification and often higher output for a considerably lower price.

Whatever your accessory needs, there is no doubt that we can help - and we do offer discounts for quantity without affecting any quality. Most accessories are supplied on a next day service so if you need them fast you have found the right company.

Lastly, on all of our OEM accessories we offer a full one year warranty.

For further details please fill out the form below or call 01782 537000 for immediate attention.