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Radios for Hospitality

Theatre & Entertainment Communications

In any business like entertainment and theatres or restaurant, golf course, leisure centers and similar  hospitality based operations there is always a need for good staff communications, but that's not always easy to achieve. Using things like pagers for staff is one idea, but that technology is not capable of long range communications so an alternative platform is essential especially because of safety factors becoming more relevant. Having communication between staff that is effective is essential. Digital radios that have crystal clear audio that is high volume can matter because of the ambient noise in some venues.

treatre entertainment radio systems

Bearing in mind the complete diversity of site or location size and the type of buildings in use, the correct choice of long range and vastly disparate areas is also a key requirement. LRS UK can supply two-way radios that are perfect for every hospitality sector including water proof, dust resistant, robust durable radios that have been proven to be good choices for these types of business. In close quarter environments like cinemas or theatres for example the radio must be unobtrusive and not intrude on the guest experience.

In all levels where the public are visiting, like sports venues or other entertainment communications situations radios tend to be the preferred platform because of the incredibly fast ability to talk between security teams, support staff and other important safety backup employees for managing the crowds of people attending the venue. Sometimes scrambling the text on transmissions is important and we have equipment that can easily and simply achieve talking without the fear of being hacked in some way.

Examining equipment like the Opus D24 that has OLED displays, great reception and crystal clear audio and of course is licensed to reduce the interference. Another unit that we see selling a lot is the HTQ8800 that is a digital handset and it has most if not all of the features that you might need. Voice scrambling is available on both of these units so where security is concerned these are a nice choice and well suited.

Most of these type of environments cover very large areas and one of the first considerations is to go for a licensed unit, primarily for extra range but also to reduce interference from other handsets. But sometimes the sites are even larger than this type of unit is capable of and in that circumstance we recommend the Hytera RD985 Repeater that can work with almost every handset and can include multiple units to ensure you get excellent range almost without on-site limitations. LRS sells and supports this signal booster which works quietly and efficiently for any onsite application.

We supply some of the largest restaurant pubs and bars chains in the UK with two-way radios and we have long experience in that sector since 1993. Choosing the right equipment is always important because things like ease of use, how small the unit is, do you need interference free talking, are the handsets unobtrusive, crucially what is the cost of ongoing accessories like earpieces and microphones and other considerations all add up to whether staff become efficient and effective in the hospitality environment.

Features and Benefits include:

    * Enhanced features like text messaging
    * Affordable handsets
    * Small robust and digital if needed
    * But or rent
    * Water proof or water resistant depending on unit
    * Licensed or license free - its your choice
    * High output audio for use in noisy conditions
    * Expert sales staff to help you and advise best options

As a key supplier of equipment of this type please do call Long Range Systems and we can help you to choose the best solution for your particular needs. Call 01782 537000 for more information.