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Radios for Retailing

Store or Mall Communications

Its a fact that all business has an indispensable need for strong communication. Poor staff to staff discussions or worse, no discussions will drive any company downwards of that there is no question. In retail business or malls and shopping centre's it all gets critical because the retailing business currently is going through very tough times. Many of the high street names that have been there for many tens of years are struggling under the threat from internet sales. There is one way for bricks and mortar retailers to combat those threats as we are seeing now and that is by providing a great shopping experience that is missing from the internet. Making shopping exciting again can and will, if high street shops and shopping centre's are to survive, be the answer to increasing footfall back to pre internet times.

retailing in mall useful radio handset

Using new retail techniques and reevaluating everything that retailers do can change the tide and bring back shoppers because an exciting shopping experience matters. However, retailers are hypersensitive about labour costs as any company would be when under pressure. But when you reduce the staff then that can have a negative effect on the service levels that customers expect. Enter two-way radios.

While radios have generally been used for security in shopping mall's and some general communications, they have not always been as used as they might have historically. But with less staff, communication becomes a problem, so there is a resurgence of conversation devices that can help staff to have great communications even when staff numbers are less. That will improve the service levels and efficiencies of staff and the business will improve.

Small retailers can use unlicensed twin pack radio kits that will work fine in smaller retailers, but remember that an unlicensed radio can (and will) suffer from interference from other unlicensed users too. In larger stores or shopping centre malls its necessary to buy or hire licensed equipment for the range offered, the lack of interference, the clearest audio, the other features and lastly but importantly the overall size of the radio. While lone workers or man down are considerations in retailing they tend not to be so critical.

Two radios that we often sell to retailers are the Hytera PD355 unlicenced digital radio and the Hytera PD365 fully licensed digital radio both of which are exceptional value and look like a mobile phone. In fact both models are available in licence free or licenced versions. For large shopping centre's a Hytera repeater can expand the range throughout the site.

Remember that LRS offers a free trial on all radio equipment. They have skilled and trained communications experts to support you whether pre sales or post sales and they can rent, hire or offer for sale all radio equipment. Contact them on 01782 537000.