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FAQs About Our Products & Services

frequently asked questions

Check out common questions & FAQs below that customers sometimes ask. If you don't find the answer to your query simply call 01782 537000 and we can help.

General questions
Indeed we can and at better pricing and support than most other companies for products. We have years of experience going back to 1989.
Yes we have those too - and we can install on site for you so that you get a really professional job - guaranteed!
Currently we do not. But our managing director is a licensed radio amateur and has extensive experience in the supply of radio amateur equipment - so if you have a need then ask!
Obviously the repair time depends on whether we have the spares available from the anufacturer so we can quickly repair any brand of radio. We do have some spares, but often are in the hands of manufacturers to supply parts as swiftly as possible.
Because there is so much fraud going on these days over the internet, unfortunately we do hold a deposit for equipment that we hire or rent. Please ask a sales representative for details.
Yes we can. We often carry out site surveys and installation services for many companies both large and small.
Every form has to be confirmed that the GDPR terms are acceptable - you can't submit the form unless you agree. If you don't agree then simply call us. But rest assured that we are no Facebook... we don't use any customer data other than what it was intended for originally.
We do sell ATEX radios from a basic ATEX standard right through to the highest levels from many manufacturers. If you need advice about ATEX then please call us and we can help.
Warranty is the same that the manufacturer offers. Some offer one year warranty and some offer two years or even three. Our warranty to our customers reflects the same terms and conditions and time.
We sell very high quality manufacturers accessories and many other OEM quality accessories too.
As well as wireless radios we also sell on-site paging equipment for a number of sectors of business. That equipment can be found at lrspagers.co.uk   or  longrangesystems.com