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Some of the most important aspects of using two-way radio in government concern security and often there is a strong requirement for solutions that are capable of handling emergency situations. Whether local government (councils), other related operations like political offices and similar sub divisions of government all need high quality communication to ensure they operate efficiently, but also safely.

long range radios in government

Two Way Radios UK, a division of the Long Range Systems Group can provide equipment that meets these exacting standards. Where voice communication is concerned secure communications that can't be intercepted in any meaningful way is essential not just for the obvious reasons, but also for the protection of the public so using handsets that are sub standard are a recipe for a disaster.

Of course, not all government bodies actually need a high level of security as described above and some sub groups don't really need any particular level of security especially where they operate in areas such as road works. Over recent times local government has 'taken on' the role of estate management and similar activities so in fact most of the radios available are able to be used in those situations. So no matter what budget is available for any given sector of government there are suitable products for office workers, mobile workers, security agencies, anti-terrorism sector or any other needs of the government. And in circumstances where buying is not an option because of the reduced budgets these days then there's always the option to hire or rent.

Clearly where high security voice calling and completely secure communication is concerned its a poor match - things just don't get any more disparate than that! But the good news is that there are two-way radios that can make those transmissions completely secure. The secret is in the scrambling of the audio with special methods so that it becomes impossible to decipher by third party persons.  There are three basic levels of encoding in digital communications equipment which are, using a  16 bit key (standard encoding) a 40 bit key (intermediate encoding) and the king of encoding is the AES256 bit key that can literally take over a month to decipher (if you ever can) any result. These key options are, once you move above the standard level, chargeable options so do not expect them to be enabled by default. Example digital radios with encoding and decoding that have these sort of features include the  Motorola DP4800 or Motorola DP4801 handsets that are of the highest quality and both support up to AES256 encoding but there are many more available.

And there are a multiplicity of regular units that meet the need for many other areas of government. Radios like the Hytera 365 that is reminiscent of a mobile phone, licensed or license free so that there is a choice regarding range and interference from other operators in the area. These are a great choice for users that need clear concise communications with a small powerful radio that operates as good as it looks.

Other options for government bodies include repeaters to extend the range over substantial distance and a great example that we recommend is the Hytera RD985 signal booster unit that can operate for many years.

Beneficial Advantages
There are many benefits when you buy equipment from us:

    * We offer free support by both sales and our technical team
    * We offer trials of all of our two-way radio solutions
    * If buying capital equipment we offer exceptional leasing rates better than rental or hire charges
    * Our Hire pricing includes setup and of course support for our customers
    * Hire pricing is more competitive than other companies
    * Buying equipment carries a complete support package for free
    * We sell and support some of the newest technologies if customers need that, but also supply every day equipment too

We have supplied many government bodies throughout the United Kingdom and where this type of client is concerned we will continue to do so whether for hire or purchase and even leasing of equipment.

If you would like more information about governmental communications systems then please contact us or call 01782 537000.