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Radios for Marine Use

Marine Vessel and Port Communications

There are many needs for wireless two-way radios in the marine sector, from direct communication between staff at ports for loading or unloading, but also for sea going vessels like super yachts, liners and other specialised vessels. Of course in the case of port authorities things might get more difficult if BREXIT results meant that the UK could leave the EU without a deal so communications might become incredibly important in that type of situation. Ensuring that two way communication is extremely robust is one area that matters more than ever. Equipment suitable for any marine application has to be waterproof, lets face it, marine and water go together! So the right choice of equipment matters, but also some of the features that allow security while at the same time including lone worker features to be present in the choice of handset.

marine port radios

In the case of sea going vessels like super yachts and liners, often, communications between staff is all about the guest experience. Unobtrusive radios that offer high quality audio, have group features or emergency buttons that can help while at sea are all very useful and will enhance the efficiency of staff that can improve those service levels that guests will benefit from.

If BREXIT does end in a deal between the UK and EU as today, communication between employees is still an important aspect of ensuring the flow of goods in and out of the country and delays can actually affect smooth operation in this important area of the UK economy. Long range radios help to alleviate that problem.

Where large sea going liners are concerned, communication can be difficult due to the incredible size that some of those vessels are these days. And that's part of the problem. Achieving clear and concise audio between staff or crew can and will often be difficult to achieve. But today there are solutions for improving the coverage of a liner - even when it is made of steel that usually inhibits signals from walkie talkies use. Digital technology and radios go hand in hand in improving things and staff or crew will benefit greatly by those effective communication on any sea going liner.

In all cases where guests are present ensuring that they are safe from danger is essential. Accidents do happen no matter how careful people are, but when they do its obvious that the faster help arrives the better for all concerned. Using equipment that can call for help at the press of a button makes procedures simple in an emergency to contact other crew or staff members - and often simplicity of use is the fastest way to get results when it matters, it could even save lives.

Waterproof two-way radios are now common place, but you have to consider carefully what 'waterproof' really means. For some makers 'waterproof' is really 'splash proof' which is an entirely different matter.  Waterproof is defined as 'a maximum depth under water of 1.5 metres for a maximum of 30 minutes' (also known as IP68). The definition of 'Splash proof' is 'jets of water protection but not submersible' (also known as IP66).  Strangely, we think that if not IP68 specified then they are not really protected against chlorine so using lesser IP rated handsets around a swimming pool is rather pointless. For water safe operation the nearest solution is IP68 and anything else is not really viable. Most radio dealers won't disclose this information in general, but LRS has.

Lone worker and man down radios and safety are important for any marine work whether at sea or otherwise because where water is concerned the results of any accident could be fatal. Long Range Systems has had years of specifying these sort of products and we can help. A typical IP68 (waterproof) radio is the Entel DX482 radio that can withstand water as described and has an emergency button. For Lone Worker and Man Down consider the Opus D8 that has many important features but be aware that it is not waterproof. The Entel DX400 is waterproof and has lone worker and man down features and is digital radio. The DX400 is likely the best waterproof unit currently available.

Benefits include:

    * Genuinely waterproof units
    * Digital technologies
    * License free or licensed handsets
    * Easily expanded range with repeaters
    * Crystal clear audio and loud audio output
    * Free trial of all units

If you need equipment for port authorities and loading or unloading, waterproof radios that really work or lone worker man down devices then please do contact us on 01782 537000.