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Hire or Rent Two Way Radios

Incredible Radio Rental Pricing

There are many companies out there offering two way radio and wireless equipment rental or hire.  And many of those companies in reality are often not the size of company that you might think, without sometimes the wherewithall to finance their company  properly. We now hire from just £4.99 a week!

Two Way Radios UK is not one of those companies!  In fact our company has been around since January 1989. That's important because renting 'any old' radios from someone that can't offer the best support could be a problem.  We have skilled technical staff to help you right through the use simply and easily.


The good news is, no matter which wireless radio you want to hire or rent then we can help.

Often we will supply brand new handset's for hire but of course we can't guarantee that.

We can rent every single brand of radio out there at some of the most competitive pricing in the whole industry. That is made possible because we supply some of the largest companies here in the UK with all of their radio equipment.

Handset, repeater, other accessories - we can hire it all and when you check with other companies you will find most often that they refuse to hire particular equipment probably because it's 'hassle' to them to bother. We are different!

As you can see we don't put pricing on this page (there are far too many products to attempt that) so you do need to contact us for any rentals or hire of equipment. You will find a simple friendly service backed up by one of the largest suppliers available to the UK market.

For further details either call 01782 537000 or fill out the form below.