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Radios for Restaurants

Pub and Bar Communications

Busy restaurants can be hard to manage. And there's no doubt that the busier they become managing guests and customers to the table can cost money. Its all about table turns and that can only be achieved if staff are highly efficient. There are so many things going on in a busy restaurant bar or pub. There's the security aspect where the public in anywhere that they meet are target for bad things to happen. The venue has a responsibility to keep people safe. There's the general communications between staff that is important to ensure  efficiencies and two-way radios are the perfect vehicle. Communication is also essential from the kitchen to waiting staff to ensure food is delivered fast and hot once the order is ready and this also helps table turns.

restaurant staff and radios long distance comms

In any restaurant, but more so any pub or bar that has live music there's usually door men that police the entrants to the pub or bar and LRS UK supplies thousands of radios for exactly this use. High audio levels are essential for anywhere that there's live music or events going on and conversations between doormen and 'bouncers' is commonplace but without the right equipment hard to achieve. It makes sense to be able to monitor crowds without being conspicuous and a radio like the Kenwood TK3501 or the Motorola 420 or Motorola 460 radio with display are all great devices for this purpose.  More secure technology is available for premises security if necessary. Two-way radios as supplied by Long Range Systems, are essential for this task.

Other importance should be given to health and safety for staff and the general public. What would happen if someone had a heart attack for instance? How would your restaurant pub or bar cope with getting immediate help to save their life? Instant conversations with other experienced employees would be a critical factor and wireless radios are perfect for this. Some units have an emergency button so that others can be summoned at the touch of a button for fast response.

LRS UK sells other equipment also for busy kitchens in the form of waiter paging systems or for waiting customers a guest paging system that helps to ensure that the organisation operates very efficiently indeed. But smaller venues can and do use other communication equipment to carry out those tasks also.

There are times when staff might have to work alone maybe down in the cellar, or out on the car park and employers need to ensure staff are safe in that scenario. If something should happen then there should be in place a method of monitoring lone workers with radios and man down situations. Within the brands available there are many units that are capable of doing this thus ensuring the safety of staff under all conditions.

Benefits and Features

    * Radios for every eventuality available
    * Working with a major supplier to the restaurant business
    * Other communications equipment available specifically made for this sector
    * Crystal clear audio and hand sets that have loud audio output for music areas
    * Cost effective accessories, genuine or our own brand
    * Buy, rent or hire with the option of lease purchase.
    * Free trial of all equipment
    * excellent support from people that can help

Remember that Long Range Systems is not just a wireless radio supplier, we understand the restaurateurs and multi chain pubs and bars unlike any other company and our experience will ensure that you get the right equipment for the right job and we won't be beaten on price or service levels. For quality service and support whether you're in the market immediately or not just give us a call... what are you waiting for? Call 01782 537000.