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In these times of uncertainty, where there are many threats towards schools like intrusions, safe school operations, even health issues like covid-19 control and lock down situations communications is a key consideration. Ensuring that pupils are managed safely is essential not only for the pupil but also for parents and their worrying whether their child is safe. There is no better platform that you can choose than clear ansd concise voice communications between staff. Wireless two way radio is excellent also for medical teams on-site where swift action can sometimes be necessary.

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With the latest handsets around that are ultra reliable its simple to achieve great communications in any school or university. We have incredible LRS two way voice devices that are really a natural choice. The latest noise cancelling technologies are embedded right in to the radios and earpieces so you get a crystal clear voice over the communications unlike older low quality radios. Knowing that you have chosen the right equipment ensures that in the event of an emergency or if you have to evacuate a site quickly then that goal is simple to achieve.

It is now possible to configure equipment to be used for groups, private channels for school specific departments or classes are now available on most units. The digital radios that are on offer have so many benefits over analogue equipment that unless you really need analogue radios there is little reason to use them. Newer digital communication has far superior audio that is clear and concise and is much higher output audio so that users can hear talking better.  Some handheld units are really lightweight and extremely robust and can handle the day to day handling that this sector is known for.

Choosing the correct digital wireless for specific needs today is actually a very specialised practise and that is where Long Range Systems comes in. LRS removes the guess work and have literally years of experience in consultation, recommendations and choice of the exact devices for the needs of anyone involved in school university or indeed any educational establishment. We have been advising since 1989.

Emergency features these days are so expansive its unlikely that any user would have issues, but LRS does offer great support whether before or later after the sale. Features that can be used at the touch of a button to report any problem, or even as self protection against attack from any source. It remains a fact that by law the staff and pupils are entitled to be kept safe no matter what the circumstances so having the underlying communication equipment to meet the legal requirements is no just an option, its a total necessity.  LRS can help with all support and maintenance of units at great pricing.

Importantly there are many brands of equipment that is available and showing every radio we offer is impossible. Every customers needs are specific to their particular operations but Longrange has everything available (we can supply almost ANY radio) and can help with the specification for any use. No matter what contingency measures you have or are considering at this time  it's always worth getting an expert to take a look and make recommendations if necessary - and that service is completely free without obligation of any kind.

Whether considering buying, rent or hire, or leasing the latest technology it is all available from one source - LRS. Call 01782 537000 for expert advice.