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Radios in Agriculture

Farm & Vehicle Communications

Health and Safety is an important aspect of any business and where tractor manufacturing is concerned communications to a safer working environment is key. In fact most manufacturers have similar problems around safety but on production lines and logistics areas of tractor and heavy machinery for agriculture these tend to have a higher rate of safety issues simply because of increased potential for accidents in those working environments.

farmer with tractor and two way radio

As a key supplier to JCB and other major makers of tractors like the Fastrac 4190 we know what the needs of those customers are. Our communications equipment and two-way radios with either lone worker or man down ability is a very important aspect of the correct equipment to protect staff from serious injury for any agricultural tractor or similar equipment manufacturers. We supply emergency buttons for on-site safety where at the press of a button you can call for assistance. These call buttons are waterproof and have a range of a few hundred metres, but the signal can be boosted if necessary. They are robust and can be used for many purposes in agriculture or farming sectors.

For agriculture, particularly getting advice for farmers and staff having a solid robust piece of technology is critical and things like being waterproof are essential features that can't be overlooked. Of course being resilient to temperature changes, humidity, dust and other ingress is important. We offer a whole range of digital radios to meet these needs and importantly some of that technology can also work with older analogue equipment. We have almost every device available online.

For the smaller farm use located in the country it's likely that unlicensed radios from Motorola (the XT420 and XT460) and the Kenwood TK3501 are more than adequate and will easily cover most smaller areas. If you have less than 7 acres then its likely that you would operate perfectly satisfactory with those choices. We supply every radio fully set up to your exact needs and of course can help you and your staff to use them properly. And if you need accessories we have every accessory available. And don't forget our two-way radio operational practices and all about using them!

 Where there are larger areas to cover in agriculture it is necessary to have higher output. Using UK licensed radios (license from Ofcom) is the answer. Not only does this allow for that extra range, but it also reduces interference from other nearby users. More often than not agricultural customers and manufacturers do choose the licensed option because interference cannot be usually tolerated. As a typical range example an unlicenced radio that has 1/2 watt output makers suggest up to 8 kilometers, but we find that range much less. Strangely, the licenced radios in the UK are 2 watt output but manufacturers often cite the same range of 8 kilometers. In near enough every case those figures are fanciful and you should expect less range likely by 30% but depending on the environment. Where foliage and trees in particular are around the range will be reduced.

For further range on large estates and large manufacturing of tractors sometimes a signal booster is needed that we can supply that will extend range much further.

Wherever the health and safety on farms is concerned farmers are aware that there are considerable numbers of accidents in farm premises that often have consequences of loss of limb or life so any communication that helps to reduce accidents is generally a good thing. There are many hand held radios that support lone workers or mandown features that can help to allow for a fast response in any injury scene.


    * Fully Waterproof  Radios
    * ATEX for use in dangerous environments
    * Digital quality audio
    * Lone worker and man down features available
    * Ambient volume self adjust
    * Simple to use with free help for our customers
    * Other emergency equipment available
    * Major supplier for the UK and Ireland

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