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Radios for Facilities Management

FM Communication

Anyone involved in facilities management services know that communication is key to achieving great service. It does not matter whether you are providing facilities management to others, or whether you handle management processes for your own company the result of poor communications will be a bad end result.

wireless radio in facilities management

Of course FM comprises of many specific sectors including security of sites, fire safety on-site, grounds maintenance over large areas, building and other property maintenance cleaning and housekeeping and even catering or vending in some circumstances. But ensuring everything is managed properly actually reduces costs, increases efficiency and creates company profitability so ensuring great communications matters.

Property support requirements alone is a massive area of business and giving great service through full provisioning is essential. Project management, quantity surveying, health and safety management, construction works and brick work packages are often managed by experienced professionals that are capable of great results, but without proper equipment to communicate it will all come undone and result in a headache or failure.

Two way radios play a very big part in facilities management of that there is no doubt. But getting the right handsets for the job can sometimes be harder than it needs to be. Thinking about what is needed in a long range radio is important:

    * Robust handset that can stand knocks
    * Waterproof radio for wet and /or dirty environments
    * Perfect reception of signal through new technology
    * Low noise floor that does not interfere with the messages
    * Exceptionally clear audio with high volumes
    * Digital technology for exceptional added features
    * Long battery life with extended longevity from extended load batteries
    * Extended operating times
    * Lone worker and/or man down features for safety and security of staff
    * Ability to collaborate through groups
    * Closed group operation if needed
    * Small sized radios that are not intrusive
    * Large selection of radio accessories

As you can see, the list could go even further!

Our solutions offer all of the above and much more, like group texting via radio, 1 to 1 calling through digital technologies, GPS tracking and Bluetooth programming, RFID readers and other technological advances like temperature monitoring end even opening or closing electric controlled gates! Digital communication creates easy ways to collaborate with anyone or kept for staff use, simply by pressing a button - and the ease of use these days is vastly improved to levels that anyone could use them. Having loud audio is usually assumed by users of wireless handsets but factually many radios have low audio output which is not really great. Loud audio increases the functionality of our radios and can enhance the ability of staff to deploy the best business practices on-site, ensure that safety is a priority with support form the radios themselves while improving efficiency across the board.

Recommended units
We can recommend the Motorola DP3441 IP68 for operating under most environments with safety features included and offers digital quality, or the Kenwood NX3320 that is also of similar features. You can be sure that your two-way radios will meet every requirement that you need, will be dependable and reliable. Buy or rent we have the solution available on trial if you need that and with our experts here to advise accordingly for your exact needs.

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