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Radios in Construction

Builders Communications

In any construction or building site communications is key to completing projects on time. And ensuring that projects are completed on time is important for overall profitability. But along with that urgency is the need to ensure that anyone on-site is safe - sometimes sadly an overlooked aspect of the sector that can result in injury or fatality.

construction and two-way radios

Can projects really be completed ahead of time?
Actually the success of any business relates to how it performs. And the performance of a company is largely determined by its internal communications. It's a very different world today in building and construction with constraints coming from all areas, legal, health and safety, financial, missed completion dates and more. Importantly, its critical to understand that the underlying communication between employees is permanently tied to efficiency, thus leading to the understanding of how to complete timely projects without financial penalty from breach of contract.

Any building site you want to examine suffers from extremely harsh environments when it comes down to on-site technology and in particular walkie talkies or two-way radios. It's important to have those great communications between employees and other staff, but its also essential to use robust radios that can operate in such difficuly surroundings.

The choice of rental or buying equipment
You will notice if you investigate many supply companies that they tend to 'shout' about how their customers rent radios for on-site use. While some builders do that of course , over any meaningful operation time then that is great for the rental or hire company, but less useful with ongoing rental costs that carry no asset. Some building companies rent because 'when the radio is demaged we don't pay to fix it'. Unfortunately that is NEVER the case. If someone rents a walkie talkie and they damage it in any way, they are charged for the damage. And in the building and construction business those costs can be high because of the operational issues on site.

It makes more sense to buy when the builder or construction company owns the equipment. One reason is that equipment can be leased, whereas rental cannot. It's possible to end up with a substantially better, more robust, digital equipment overall far cheaper than renting generally lower quality equipment. Renting the same equipment would cost substantially more than any leasing arrangement. The facts are blatantly obvious if you check the figures yourself.

Effective communications help eficiency it's a fact!

Construction firms know the importance of communications. And to get the level of communication between on-site people can be difficult. Thankfully, the wireless radios available today solve those issues and relegate the old way of working to the past.

Health and Safety on-site
There have been some incredibly bad accidents on building sites over the years and it seems that no matter what, that is more of a trend that has remained for some years. It's not all the builders fault for sure, but any construction can be dangerous and with many participants that makes things even more likely to end up  with problems. The good news is though, that two way radios for on-site work have come on in leaps and bounds in every area including for use when there are emergencies or accidents. Handsets are waterproof, dust and dirt proof, resilient and robust. So let's consider the sort of radios suitable for builders and construction sites.

What equipment is available?
We have available a high number of handsets that can help and all at low pricing backed up with great support - far cheaper than those ongoing rental charges. For example the Entel DX482 with IP68 standard (but not lone worker) or the ICOM F2000 that is IP67 and includes lone worker ability, or even the OPUS D24 that is IP67 and lone worker ability and all of these radios are completely satisfactory for the building and construction sector.

Of course this is only a small selection of two-way radios suitable for builders and engineers around any building site, but they do give a good cross platform view of current handsets and how they meet the specific needs on building sites.

Benefits include:

    * Waterproof
    * Extremely robust designs
    * Many handsets are IP68 for complete durability
    * Digitally clear and high volume
    * Many have GPS tracking available now
    * Lone worker emergency ability
    * Long battery life AND extra high powered battery
    * Free support for the life of the unit from us

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