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Our Price Promise To ALL Customers

We Will NEVER Be Beaten on Price

When it all comes down to buying wireless radio equipment it's a minefield out there.

There are so many companies how can you determine who to buy off - and importantly, are their prices good, with support and quality that is not compromised simply because the supplier is a 'box shifter'? Sometimes 'cheap radios' don't save you money!

We hate to say this but there are a sizeable number of suppliers that are not always what they suggest, or indeed are a shadow of their 'website' presence.

Thankfully in our case we have been around since 1989 and we know what customers need. But when you need the 'best price' there is we have a very simple principle and procedure. All you need to do is to supply us with written proof of any radio being supplied 'cheaper' than we have quoted (for the exact product) and we will better that price without affecting our quality of support, guarantee or even item quality.

If you consider what you REALLY want to buy, it is likely that you will need all of the following:

    * Quality
    * Price
    * Support

Factually anyone who says that they can give you all three things is usually not capable of doing so because quality and support needs profit to support those things, whereas generally the lowest price compromises those important things like quality or support.

But here at Two Way Radios UK  because we buy at exceptional pricing structures be cause of the volumes we sell so indeed we CAN offer quality product, great pricing with a level of support not seen from other radio suppliers.

We are committed to ensuring our customers get great pricing on all of our equipment and our buying quantities really do ensure that we can supply at pricing that some other companies might have a problem with. Learn more about our support which we never compromise.

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