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Radios for Warehousing

Logistics Communications

Some of the biggest issues for warehouse operations is the smooth operation of the logistics. Trucks come and go all of the time and actually getting the vehicles to the correct bay at the right time for loading or unloading can be difficult. Poor performance will be the result of ineffective control of the goods in or out of the warehouse. Then there's an added problem. Many of the drivers these days hardly speak English and communicating with them is not always easy. Having the correct communication system is essential to solve these problems in any logistics site.

warehouse logistics radios

Two-way radios are used extensively for the on-site conversations between staff to ensure that vehicles get to the bay in a  timely manner. The good news is that there are many radio brands like Kenwood, Motorola, ICOM, Hytera, Entel and Opus that make digital radios that are suitable. LRS has supplied many warehouse and logistics companies with high quality robust equipment that can get the job done.

But sometimes wireless radios are not necessarily the only answer. Long Range Systems has other specialised paging equipment as used by companies like Amazon for their warehousing to control the inbound and outbound trucks and other vehicles delivering to site. One issue is that when using voice communications it can be very hard to locate the vehicle. Times vary greatly for locating the driver but walkie talkies are still a very prominent way of working in logistics and that two way messaging between the controller and the driver remains commonplace.

Other logistics and warehouse related communications channels include safety and clearly radio use can be a major contributor to helping with safety issues that could arise. Also available are other custom emergency call buttons that can call first aid teams at the push of a button - all available from LRS UK.

Where specific equipment is needed for the fastest and most efficient control of bays the LRS paging solution remains the best in its class and with low costs is proven in some of the largest warehouses in the UK, like the HUT group in Warrington,  large DPD sites.

Having a choice of options allows any company to properly evaluate the solutions available and to choose the best solution for their needs. Some companies we supply use both radios and paging so they benefit from a completely flexible management solution like JCB that uses LRS equipment in this way.

Specific brands of radio devices and models are not critical, though digital technology will be a big improvement over older analogue devices. Options include security and emergency features on the hand held unit which makes the choice of radios still a viable option for this sector.

As a supplier of paging and radios combined, LRS operates a completely unbiased advice service for free and they can provide extensive references from some of the largest companies around in the UK. Call 01782 537000 for more information about their services.