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iCOM Wireless Two-Way Radio Handsets

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The ICOM brand is one of the foundations of wireless radio communications and they manufacture hand sets for many sectors of business. LRS does not have a huge range of ICOM radios as you can see below, but what are on offer are some of the better handsets that ICOM has to offer. ICOM are also known for their marine and amateur radio equipment and its fair to say that for those sectors that ICOM is one of the top providers of high quality equipment.

Here we offer a number of genuine long range radios for either licenced use or license free use. Bear in mind that the licensed units are always more powerful than the license free units and those can often reach 8Km in open air. You will also see VHF and UHF radios available as well as digital and analogue units. Be aware that the same model number can be ordered for many different options. For example the F1000 is a model, but that then has to be specified as license free or licensed and analogue or digital two-way radio! Its an anomaly that customers have to bear in mind when ordering these ICOM units.

Note that ICOM long range radios are NOT generally compatible with other manufacturers hand sets so if you don't already use ICOM equipment you might want to choose products that are more compatible with other makers products. LRS UK have been selling ICOM for many years and while they are not our top selling brand, they still have their place because of the extremely high quality that ICOM makes. Robust designs linked with excellent features and support from a major maker does in fact enable us to recommend these radios in the right circumstances.

If you are interested in ICOM wireless radios then please do contact us through our contact form or call us on 01782 537000 and speak to one of our ICOM specialists who can guide you to the exact radio for your specific needs.

With over 50 years experience in the design and manufacturing of the most technically advanced two way radio products in the world, ICOM has earned a reputation for quality, innovation and high performance. Icom's extensive range of two way radio transceivers, scanner/receivers, navigational products and radio systems are designed for the following applications: Digital Private Mobile Radio (dPMR); Two Way Business Radio (PMR/ PBR); IP radio; Amateur radio; D-STAR digital Amateur radio; Marine radio; commercial maritime radio, aviation/air band radio; and licence free walkie talkie (PMR446) applications. Icom's range is available in fixed-base radio, vehicle mount radio and handheld radio formats.