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Radios Used In Waste Disposal

Recycling Plant Communications

Anyone that has ever been to a waste disposal site or recycling plant will know how it all operates. A dangerous place for workers and anyone else that might venture on the grounds. The noise levels are usually very high and that factor alone can hinder any conversation between people. It's an unhealthy place where even when well managed could be described as a very hazardous environment.

waste disposal and wireless communications

Vehicles seemingly come and go at surprising speed in and out of the facility and managing all of this is a difficult task that can easily get out of control. Safety is paramount on such a site or plant. Tools that can help from a controllers point of view for safe movement are two-way radios.

There is wireless equipment these days that can include an emergency button that can call others literally at the press of a button to any emergency or accident.

Clearly, voice communications used between operatives on-site will contribute to a safer place of work and even increase the efficiency of the plant. For lone workers and when there is a man down there are options for all of these scenarios on modern walkie talkie hand held radios.

Digital technology and in particular digital radios are the best answer for these types of operations, offering the latest features, but more importantly high quality audio that is exceptionally loud without interference. Volume levels matter where there is high ambient noise levels.

When there is tipping or dumping by waste vehicles and deliveries coming on site all the time for disposal there is no doubt that accidents can and do happen and there have been fatalities. Every operation is required to adhere to the health and safety legislation in the UK and Europe and leaving an operation breaking the law is no way for a safe working area. Many of the hand held units sold by LRS are including the important safety features that should there be an accident help ensure instant help.

But also available from the company are on site emergency buttons mentioned above that are waterproof and can summon emergency teams very quickly. These solutions have been used across industry and are proven to have saved many lives. Other suppliers do not have these products available.

Lastly, Long Range Systems can supply any brand of hand held radio and is not particularly biased towards any brand except the one that will improve your communications better than other brands. For further information call 01782 537000.