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Two-way Radios for Hotels

Hotel Communication Solutions

Hotels can pose problems for two way radios because of the build of the premises and because in many instances the sheer number of floors that need clear and continuous communications between staff. All communication devices are limited on output so achieving the range that you need might be difficult without extra equipment to extend the range. Hotel customers and guests usually need good service but that is not always easy especially because as the hotel size increases by number of floors the staff communications can reduce dramatically. Ensuring that the hotel operates at its most effective operations is key to efficiency and ultimately profitability of the organisation. Long Range Systems are capable of installing a solution that can work in any hotel.

hotel wireless two-way radio walkie talkie for staff

Thinking about the hotel, each area such as the management of house, kitchen to staff, concierge, security, spa and salon areas and more all operate at their peak efficiency through good communication between staff. Guests will see the difference in any well run hotel. And of course in high quality named hotels, service is king so you need to have first class staff communication over voice to achieve the highest levels of quality service.

Importantly, the right equipment is essential in achieving a satisfactory result but with so many choices of radios this can be a daunting task that could result in wasted resources and equipment that could never work. In the UK, smaller hotels might 'get away' with unlicensed handsets, but those will generally suffer from interference from many sources because of the way that unlicensed radios work. A 4 watt licensed handset will offer clean and uncomplicated talking between employees at the touch of a button, and if you buy digital radios its a fact that the audio will be crystal clear in transmission and on many units will have higher audio output. Effective communications are not an option they are essential for w well run hotel.

LRS has a number of wireless two-way radios that are great for long range and one of those is the Opus D6 digital radio that offers 4 watts output (licensed), has most features but has no display (sometimes not needed and does save money) whereas the Opus D8 handset has a display and similar features. Both radios are robust and can take the knocks handed out to them when used in hotels. Alternatively we sell the Motorola DP4600 at lower cost than other companies. We recommend licensed handsets because they offer the best operational features and benefits compared to unlicensed units. We can rent all units.

It will be necessary to extend the range of transmission of radio over most hotel sites to achieve full coverage. Typically we use a signal boost unit and without going in to technical details these can expand the range of two way talking and messaging throughout the hotel for perfect results.

One aspect of all of the radios we have discussed is group and channel management. It can be possible to communicate with a group or other users when groups are set up properly. Similarly any subset of users (maybe management for example) can have a 'private' channel that is only used by the employees allowed to use it.

And remember that LRS also sells paging systems that can be used for more specific staff call than long range radios.

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