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Radios in Holiday parks

Resort and Park Communications

There are many areas of communications in holiday parks and resorts that need to have effective communication to be efficient in the overall business. Often the parks and caravan or chalet sites are huge and it can be hard to talk especially when staff are outside tending to one job or another. Clearly its important to ensure that visitors and guests get great service, but over such large areas that can prove to be difficult. And there are some tasks that could not operate without clear and concise contact between staff.

haliday parks and two way radios

The main areas include maintenance, cleaners, entertainment, lifeguards and security. With such a diverse array of separate tasks it becomes very important to choose the correct equipment for each one of those departments so that each one can make a positive contribution to efficiency, service and overall profitability.

Maintenance Duties
Considering maintenance duties in any holiday park is rather like facilities management of buildings. In fact there are stark similarities. Maintenance staff will need to talk with each other at almost any time in the 24 hour period because problems happen and if you have guests in a rental then those issues have to be quickly dealt with and great service is chartered by great communication. Radios for maintenance teams must be waterproof, robust, have great range, will need an emergency button, need clear audio and on occasion loud audio, radios that have extensive battery life, digital technology, are easy to carry and use and be cost effective. A typical suitable handset is the Hytera PD685 which ticks all the boxes.

Cleaning Teams
As any reader will know, cleaning teams cover the entire site, and sites can have a large land mass so range is important. And teams of cleaners usually have to talk often because some guests will not want disturbing so the actual work involved will change on every cleaning sweep of the site. While the requirement for colleagues that are part of the team are not quite as specific as maintenance or other departments, cleaners still are around water. A suitable hand set could be the Hytera PD485 long range radio that has most of the features required but in this case is splash proof. However, it handles the important long range chatting admirably.

Entertaining Department
Most but not all leisure parks operate an entertainment department that is there to help create a good experience for guests. A consideration for the team behind the entertainment department is how any device is unobtrusive, but at the same time effective and easy to use and carry. Typically the range is less critical and its possible to use less powerful equipment but a licensed radio is a must have to reduce interference from other users systems. The Opus T4 has a good long range, includes a panic button,  supplies clear audio and importantly loud audio necessary for when performers are on stage. IP65 means that this device is splash proof and dust proof. Battery life is 15 hours without recharging. Our link shows the license free unit, but the licensed version is recommended to reduce interference and increase range.

Lifeguards and Pool Attendants
Where there could be any danger to life its critical that staff can talk over a solid, dependable platform and a digital radio will be perfect. For kids and older kids called parents resorts are a fun place of course, and often guests can easily 'forget' that any swimming pool (or maybe on the near beach) could be the site of really bad experiences for guests or in the worst cases could be fatal to participants. Holiday parks have a responsibility to ensure that all guests are safe while using the amenities available. For employees responsible for pool safety they have to have the tools to do the job in any dangerous situation or emergency. A really good device that we can recommend for talk between staff at the pool is the Entel DX446 that is waterproof (fully submersible), has a panic button, with or without display, is a licensed unit to dismiss interference, is very robust, and is used by UK fire and rescue services. There is an optional Bluetooth and a whole plethora of other features.

Security Teams
In these days of security issues how long will it be before the UK sees an incident that could see hundreds of guests injured? But also there are the day to day operations of any other types of security on-site or over the entire estate. Usually security radios need quite specific equipment, but it does depend on the level of security being covered. Ensuring that both guest and staff safety is essential, but so is the protection of assets and other areas such as perimeter guard, security teams in the bar or entertainment area, building security and vehicle security when parked on-site and a whole range of other aspects where security needs to communicate effectively. It might be very important that the  size of the unit needs to be easily useable and easily hidden on the person, as well as affordable, robust, splash resistant and capable of  scrambled communications and the Hytera PD485 radio is a good recommendation. An alternative is the Motorola DP1400 that is often used for security voice communications. Lastly of course we have available signal repeaters such as the Hytera RD985 repeater that can operate with other on-site repeaters for solid and consistent range and signal.

The fact remains that there are a lot of divisions in holiday parks that radio equipment is typically used to solve issues.  It's possible to buy equipment, hire or rent or lease purchase equipment from LRS UK so we can meet the needs of every requirement for every type of unit you might want as we supply them all the time to this sector.

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