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Radios for Leisure Time

Robust Waterproof Outdoor Communications

The great thing about outdoor activities is that most participants can be part of it if they have the time. There's nothing like the outdoors and while it can be cold in winter in some countries, summer months are really nice. Get the whole family out, get some exercise and enjoy the area where you are maybe camping, fishing, running, cycling and other outdoor events. Having a consideration for what if something goes wrong? What if someone gets injured? or even lost? Then the  aspect of the two-way radio will come to the forefront and if you did consider walkie talkies then its likely that you can get help or find your loved ones easily.

outdoor leisure wireless walkie talkie

For some people 'getting out' means a trip to town and while that might be enjoyable it's not quite the same as jaunting to the top of a hill miles away from anywhere, or going bike riding for miles like they do at manifold valley. So communication is relative to what outdoor activity it is that you choose to do and who with. Clearly small children might get hurt. In any case, it makes sense to have with you a low cost and simple radio system that could actually save lives. These matter because often there is no mobile phone signal when you get out of town in to the less populated country.

But all radios are not always equal. There are some brands that frankly are made at a very low cost and offer more often than not of low quality and are not dependable. For little extra, its possible to buy or rent known brands that are always built to a standard and the pricing is very similar. Most users of these outdoor radios won't need hundreds of features for sure, and remember the more features often creates more difficulty in using them! A simple low cost two-way radio is the solution.

Many makers today offer a low cost unit as a 'twin-pack' radio where two handsets are included as standard and there's nothing else to buy just plug in, charge them up and they will work first go without any real setting up. These are great for any outdoor use and many models are waterproof and designed to be easy to use. These simple radios tend to be license free so that anyone can buy and use them. While they are typically limited in range compared to professional handsets, for outdoor use they will actually go some distance - maybe up to 3 to 4 miles in completely open air, but do understand that the range is variable depending on the surroundings. While campers and others can buy licensed radios for professional expeditions and other outdoor activities its more usual for families to buy the unlicensed devices. LRS offers both types of radio.

Other considerations like battery life (and even the cost of replacement batteries and accessories) can be important for families, those costs soon add up and while renting equipment is an option that LRS has, we would always recommend buying the twin packs for family use. For other more professional use get the licensed units. Among the many brands out there Motorola is a tried and trusted radio and the Motorola TLKR 81 radio twin pack is great value, while offering good features. An alternative might be the Motorola tlkr 51 series of radio   and they make a whole range within the TLKR series. For professional use the digital radios tend to be better and licensed versions abound, like the DP1400 handset. Also consider the Hytera PD485 which is a great radio too. Of course we don't just sell one brand and are not biased towards ANY brand and that way we can offer the best solution for you from Kenwood, ICOM, Motorola, Hytera, Entel and other brands.

For outdoor use everyone's needs are different and if you are having any difficulty in choosing something suitable then simply call us on 01782 537000 and we can make hard work easy and get you matched up to the perfect handset for your needs.