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OPUS T6 Two-way Radio

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Licensed Radio Handset

Why choose the Opus T6 two-way radio?
When you need a higher quality product with great performance, advanced features and a range of workforce protection features the Opus T6 should be your first choice. Lone worker capable.

It’s the perfect and affordable choice for any organisation that has lone workers monitoring obligations or wants to provide an additional layer of workforce protection and alerting.

Pricing starting at: £112.50

Download PDF: OPUS-T6
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Product Information

One of the big selling two way radios the Opus T6 is great for man down situations or where lone workers operate.

Key Features:
• Simple controls and voice annunciation make operation intuitive.
• High capacity (1700 mAh) Li-ION rechargeable battery pack - provides over 12 hours use between charges.
• Loud (1W) and clear audio ensures reliable communication.
• Tough and durable to survive everyday use - thanks to a polycarbonate casing and aluminium chassis.
• Pre-programmed with 16 user-selectable channels.
• Man-down alarm built-in, with audible radio I.D.
• Panic button for instant alerting in an emergency.
• Advanced signalling for integration with other devices e.g. Opus RSU1
• Desktop intelligent fast charger - recharges the battery in just 4 hours.
• Sleek and slim, ergonomic design - very comfortable to carry and use.
• Weatherproof construction and sealed casing protects the radio from dust and rain (IP65).
• Motorola compatible, two-pin accessory jack for the widest choice of audio accessories.
• Two configurable dual-function side buttons to activate a range of additional features or customise operation.
• Extensive range of additional accessories - including headsets, microphones, carry cases, chargers and more - to enhance operation and suit your own operating requirements.

About the Opus T6: Designed to deliver reliable voice communications in a range of tough environments and provide advanced worker protection features, the Opus T6 is an all round high performer.

*See PDF download for specifications.