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Motorola XT420 Two-way Radio

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Motorola XT-420

License Free Two-Way Radio Handset

Motorola XT Series two-way radios have the business smarts to help people work better together – coordinating resources at the construction site or monitoring production on the manufacturing line. They come
with the right credentials to give business the competitive edge: exceptional quality, affordability and durability to outlast high noise, tough conditions and hard use. The XT-420 hand held radios have no display and can save money when displays are not needed. Walkie Talkies like these are hard to find as a licence free radio that's PMR446 compliant.

There are programmable buttons and channel announcement with voice alias features. Often used in hospitality venues the XT420 series radios have great customer service if you ever get any issue. We have supplied thousands of these. The XT-420  comes with a two year warranty from Motorola.

There is a multi-charger available as an accessory so that users can charge six hand held units at one time. Leather cases and earpiece and microphones are also available. A particularly robust unit that is a top selling unit.

Incredibly good value and Motorola quality - buy now!

We will beat ANY genuine UK sourced UK version XT460 radio price.

Pricing starting at: £73.00
With charger: £87.25

Download PDF: XT420 (400 Series)
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Product Information

Further information is available on the XT420 Motorola two way radio wireless handset.

• Operates on license and subscription-free PMR446 frequencies
• 8 Channels
• On/off/volume control knob
• 16-position channel/code selector knob
• Autoscan
• Battery Save
• USB CPS Interface
• Radio Mic Gain
• Accessory Mic Gain
• Scan and Scan List
• Voice scrambling for extra privacy
• Time-Out Timer
• Compatible with XTNi Audio Accessories

We will beat any genuine UK handset price and offer a better service than competitors.

Focus on the job with instant push-to-talk and customised channel announcements that keep your hands free. Now you’ll know which channel and which department you are talking to without removing the radio from your belt. The XT400 Series of radios delivers loud and clear audio output thanks to its powerful built-in loudspeaker and the user can select between 8 channels and 219 privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal.

Motorola XT420 Series wireless two-way radios supersedes the XTNi series radio and make it easy to get the work done. Compact yet performance-packed, the Motorola XT420 provides coverage up to 16 250 m2, 13 floors or 9km line of sight1 with voice prompts that enable you to programme non-display radios on the go. A carry holster with swivel belt clip lets you rotate the radio to fit comfortably and move freely while picking up a tool or restocking a shelf and the antimicrobial coating helps prevent the growth of mould and germs on the surface of the radio – as you change shifts, pass on the radio confidently.

Military Standard 810 C, D, E, F and G plus IP55 are standards for some radio's, but they are the starting point for our XT400 Series of professional long range two-way radios. Use this radio fleet for your trucks or service vehicles.

The HTML-based Customer Programming Software is simple. Used through any browser so no program loading on the PC. Settings can be copied between older radios like the XTNi radios with the radio-to-radio cloning cable right to the Motorola XT400 series.

The Motorola XT420 and it's charger is a really good unit if you are choosing it for starting using radios and choosing a license free PMR446 license-free handset. There is no display on this unit, but for many users the display could be seen as more of a hindrance rather than an advantage for users. The audio in particular is worth mentioning as we have users in music venues and they tell us that the volume levels are perfect for noisy environments. 

There are a total number of 8 channels and 219 selectable privacy codes (that you might really consider as sub channels) and with lots of power in this radio expect an outdoor range of up to 8km on the Motorola XT420. In any tower approximately 12 floors more or less as that's dependent on the building itself. The unit is great for many different sectors of business, but hospitality and construction are just two. When you change channels the walkie talkie will announce exactly what channel you have switched to, and importantly, there are a number of pre-sets that you can use for channel names. This makes the unit exceptionally easy to use and is a key feature and benefit.

On the accessory front, there are a number of included accessories such as the carrying case and belt clip that allows the unit to move easily when the user is carrying out physical work. Interestingly on the device is a coating that stops microbes from growing on the device and therefore reduces the incidence of transfer of microbes from person to person. LRS UK actually developed antimicrobial coatings for their pagers over ten years ago!

Be aware that a licensed two-way radio has further range than the PMR unlicenced units so for extended range the choice should be a licenced radio.

When its time to choose a communications walkie talkie there are so many to choose from that it can be a minefield. Are you choosing one that can cover the range? What about being waterproof? Do you need a license? What about specific accessories or chargers for multiple units? Do you need a display on the radio? Is it easy to use? Without the understanding of what some call a genius there can easily be choices made that can actually stop your company from performing at its best efficiency and in that situation you could be better off without that sort of communication.

Those are all reasons why its important to talk with experts at Two Way Radios UK (LRS) that can lead you through the minefield of which units you need to get so that your business thrives. We are completely independent of all brands and have literally no bias towards any.... except the ones that are perfect for you! Let us help you and we're sure that we can find a product that will be perfect, and if ever there's some reason why you don't like it - no problem we'll exchange it providing its in new condition just as supplied within 14 days. The radio must not be special order.

*See PDF download for specifications.