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Motorola VX261 Radio

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Motorola VX-261

Licensed Radio Handset

For basic push-to-talk communication, look to the VX-260 Series.
Choose from two portable wireless analogue radios: the VX-261 (without display) and VX-264 (with display). With enhanced interoperability, you can choose from multiple signalling options, such as: MDC1200®, FleetSync®, DTMF, and 2-tone or 5-tone capabilities for seamless integration into a mixed fleet. Available with a range of flexible energy solutions and accessories, you’ll have all you need to provide your team with the perfect communication solution. Buy now.

The VX-260 Series delivers the ideal combination of features and performance for efficiency, reliability and interoperability. Experience a new way of getting more for less with Vertex Standard. The VX-260 series boasts abundant signaling options such as MDC1200®, FleetSync®, DTMF, 2-tone and 5-tone capabilities, providing seamless integration into a mixed fleet.

Great value and Motorola quality.

Pricing no charger: £98.96
Pricing  with charger: £116.00

Download PDF: VX261
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Product Information

The VX261 wireless radio handset needs a license to operate and ask us for more information about licensing requirements.

• Channel Capacity:
- 16 Channels/ 1 Group (VX-261)
- 128 Channels/ 8 Groups (VX-264)
• Programmable Buttons:
- 2 Programmable Buttons (VX-261)
- 6 Programmable Buttons (VX-264)
• Display:
- No Display (VX-261)
- 8 Character Alphanumeric Display (VX-264)
• Safety Features:
- Lone Worker Alert- Emergency Alert
• Multiple Scan Options
• Auto Range Transponding System (ARTS™)
• Voice Inversion Encryption (VX-264)
• Internal VOX (When Used with VOX Accessory)

*See PDF download for specifications.