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Motorola sL4000E Radio

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Motorola sL4000

Licensed Radio Handset

From the concierge desk to the convention centre, MOTOTRBO™ SL Series keeps you instantly connected and in control with an incredibly sleek and light radio for the ultimate in discreet communication. Versatile and powerful, our revolutionary MOTOTRBO portable combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. SL Series radios integrate voice and data seamlessly, offer enhanced features that are easy to use, such as integrated Bluetooth®, covert mode, vibrate alert and Intelligent Audio. Designed in a small form factor so sophisticated, it is like no other radio you have used.

Only the SL Series enhances your professionalism, so you can remaster your productivity and image like never before. Buy these now!

Pricing starting at: £351.97
Pricing with charger: £358.36

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Product Information

The Motorola SL4000e handset needs a license and is a digital wireless handset.


1. Dual internal speakers deliver loud, clear audio quality
2. Tri-colour LED indicator for clear, visible feedback of calling, scanning, roaming and monitoring features.
3. Contoured push-to-talk button provides comfort and is easy to access
4. 4-way navigation disc for easy scrolling through menus and channels (supports up to 1,000 channels)
5. Easy to access volume control buttons
6. 2 programmable buttons for quick access to frequently used features; ability to programme up to 9 of your favourite features into a single programmable button
7. Programmable side emergency button
8. Audio connector port supports discreet wired audio accessories (wireless Bluetooth® audio also available)
9. Built-in photosensor intuitively adjusts backlighting on the screen to optimise viewing in all types of conditions, special “day/night mode” changes screen and illuminates icons to make them clear and readable in varying light conditions
10. Large, high-definition, 5 line, colour display offers high clarity and resolution
11. Intelligent Audio feature automatically adjusts the radio volume according to the environment’s noise level
12. Innovative antenna design optimises range performance

Additional Features
• 2W DMR digital radio
• Weighs less than one-half of a standard two-way radio
• Operates in UHF 403-470 MHz frequency band
• Discreet communications; covert mode setting and vibrate alert feature for increased security and privacy
• Customisable voice announcement provides audible confirmation of channel or zone changes or programmable button status, without having to view the radio display
• Send quick text messages including customisable and pre-programmed messages
• Enhanced work order ticket management feature simplifies use and improves work order ticket response time


DISCREET WA S NEVER SO SLEEK: Everything about the SL Series portable is designed for discretion and professionalism. From its incredibly sleek shape –so your staff will always look professional –to its exceptionally slim size. Hold it in your hand and feel how light it is –less than half the weight of a standard radio. It’s so effortless to carry, comfortable to wear and elegant in styling, it complements the most upscale attire. The accessories are also designed to complement the sleek, compact design of the SL Series portables. Bluetooth® wireless and compact single-wire earpieces enhance discreet communication and increase client satisfaction.

INTEGRATED DATA SOLUTIONS: Whether the front desk is assisting a guest or the event planner is preparing for a special event, sharing information instantly is paramount. The SL Series features text messaging and embedded Bluetooth® data in the radio so work teams can share real time information, saving valuable hours and enabling better decision making. Plus your staff can read work order tickets and text messages quickly and clearly on the large, high resolution, full-colour screen. Take a look at the enhanced work order ticket management in the SL Series and see what true efficiency can be. We’ve eliminated a number of steps to read work order tickets and the five line display presents data at a glance–saving time and eliminating scrolling through screens. And Motorola’s Application Developer Program offers customised data applications tailored to your operations. With the largest developer program in the industry, data applications help meet your objectives – from email gateways to telephony integration, and more.

COVERT WH EN IT COUNTS: Put the SL Series radio in covert mode and it goes dark – shielding the display, LED lights and audible tones –for the ultimate in discretion. Your security personnel can hear clearly using our inconspicuous audio accessories, but no one else can. These accessories – a swivel earpiece or surveillance earpiece with a translucent tube – are so small, sleek and powerful, your staff can converse privately and conveniently wherever they work. For further discretion, they can use the vibrate alert feature to switch the radio to vibrate mode and never disturb or interrupt guests again.

EXCEPTIONALLY INTUITIVE: The high resolution, full colour screen on the SL Series portable automatically senses ambient light and adjusts backlighting for optimal viewing in all kinds of conditions. It also features a full keypad and an enhanced programmable button that manages up to nine frequently used features. Press a button and access all of your contacts or check the status of a work ticket with just a touch. Customisable voice announcement provides audible confirmation so a user can be notified of channel and zone changes or programmable button statuses without having to view the radio display.

EXPANDED CAPACITY AND COVERAGE: Your personnel are on the move –throughout your buildings and across your properties. That’s why you need the far-reaching performance of MOTOTRBO. The IP Site Connect solution dramatically improves customer service and productivity by using the Internet to extend coverage to create a wide area network, enhance single site coverage or link geographically dispersed locations. Capacity Plus provides singlesite trunking, expanding capacity to over 1,000 users. Combining the benefits of both solutions, Linked Capacity Plus is an entry-level, multi-site trunking solution that expands capacity and extends coverage so large work teams can stay connected across a wide area. So whether you want expanded coverage at a single site or across multiple ones, MOTOTRBO can be scaled to meet your voice and data communication needs.

REMARKABLY RELIABLE: MOTOTRBO meets the most demanding specs, including IP54 for dust and water protection and U.S. Military Standard 810 C, D, E, F and G. For further peace of mind, it’s even backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE AND SUPPORT: No matter what help your business might need, we have a service that delivers. We can provide assistance at every stage of the solutions lifecycle, from initial planning, through to solution integration and ongoing support. Managing in-house repairs and maintenance of your radios takes a dedicated staff of technicians and an ongoing investment in diagnostic equipment, repair tools and technical training to keep up to speed on the latest technology. We’ve made that investment for you so you can easily and cost-effectively keep radios in top operating condition. With Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage2, you can protect your MOTOTRBO SL radios against accidental damage, normal wear and tear, and more. This unique offering comprises fast turnaround times, expert telephone technical support and access to the latest software releases3; all backed by Motorola’s global infrastructure, highly qualified support technicians and certified repair facilities. You’ll get multi-year technical support and repair coverage, eliminating ‘surprise’ repair costs and providing the investment protection you need to reduce your total cost of ownership.

ENHANCED PEACE OF MIND: Despite the robust design of the SL Series, we recognise that accidents happen. In addition to normal wear and tear, Service from the Start includes Comprehensive Coverage to protect you from accidental breakage so you can enjoy enhanced peace of mind. No matter what is damaged, from broken displays and cracked housing to other internal and external components, the repair is covered.

*See PDF download for specifications.