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KENWOOD TK2302 Wireless Radio

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KENWOOD TK2302 Analogue VHF

Licensed Radio Handset

For clear, reliable communications indoors or out, rain or shine, there's no beating Kenwood's compact wireless TK-2302 transceiver.

Based on a proven design, but refined and updated with enhanced features, it has the power and performance to satisfy even the toughest job requirements, due in part to the MIL-STD 810 & IP54/55 weather-proofing.

 A model of ergonomic excellence on the outside, inside it's packed with such features as priority scan, built-in VOX and a voice scrambler. No wonder the smart new TK-2302 is attracting such attention.

PROGRAMMABLE FUNCTION KEYS: The two PF Keys can be programmed for any of the many functions available on the TK-2302, permitting a customized fit for your requirements. Buy now.

Pricing starting at: £139.95

Download PDF: TK2302
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Product Information

Quality matters and the Kenwood TK2302 VHF model has it in spades.

Key Features: TK2302 Licensed VHF Analogue Radio

• Read/Write Password Protection onboard the unit
• Wide/Narrow per Channel choice
• Companded Audio per Channel
• Talk Around
• B.C.L. (Busy Channel Lockout)
• Key Lock facility
• 3-colour LEDs (red, orange, green)
• Scan Del/Add
• KENWOOD ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
• Adjustable Microphone Gain (by FPU): High or Normal
• Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning

COMPACT DESIGN: The ergonomic design of the TK-2302 provides a very comfortable hold, non-slip elastomer channel knob with improved torque characteristics and enlarged PTT button ensure a positive tactile response.

TOUGH WATERPROOF: TK-2302 has passed  IP54/55 dust and water intrusion tests with and without the KMC-45 optional speaker microphone. This handset is extremely robust and meets or exceeds 11  MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F environmental standards. Suitable for outdoors in the most difficult rain conditions.

ENHANCED AUDIO QUALITY:   The resulting audio performance, specially engineered for transceivers, is undeniably clearer and crisper. Just listen to the difference.

QT/DQT SIGNALLING: The radios group feature segregates transmissions and reception so you can only hear what is in your specific group.

5-TONE SIGNALLING is available for encoded signals: The 5-tone function can send up to 5-tone ID's to another unit with 5-tone decode.

PROGRAMMABLE  KEYS: There are two fully programmable keys that allow you to set up the handset fully customised.

VOICE ANNUNCIATION: The main controls on the radio provide voice confirmation of radio status and or operating mode. English is the default language, but you others are available and you can switch to French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Chinese.

INDEPENDENT SETTINGS PER CHANNEL: Radio channels can be programmed* for VOX, scrambler & compander functions.


VOICE INVERSION SCRAMBLER: The scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping from outside parties.

VOX READY: Hands-free operation using any optional headset. There is a 10-level sensitivity adjustment, the internal VOX (voice-operated transmission) function automatically activates PTT when you start talking.

*See PDF download for specifications.