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OPUS T2 LF Two-way Radio

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License Free Radio Handset

This simple-to-use, highly-affordable, two-way radio is the perfect communication tool for organisations of almost any type.

Coupling the convenience of a compact handheld two-way radio, rugged and functional design with the features and high performance of a quality licensed business radio, the Opus T2 has been designed to meet the needs of a very wide group of users and deliver a superior price/performance ratio.

Pricing starting at: £66.75

Download PDF: OPUS-T2LF
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Product Information

The Opus T2LF integrates convenience and a robust rugged design for a budget cost.


•Simplest useability available for controls and voice annunciation.
•High capacity (1800 mAh) Li-ION rechargeable battery pack - provides over 24 hours use between charges.
•Loud (750mW) and clear audio ensures reliable communication.
•Tough and durable to survive everyday use - thanks to a polycarbonate casing and aluminum chassis.
•Pre-programmed with 16 user-selectable channels.
•Available to suit license-free PMR446 or professional radio users.
•Desktop intelligent fast charger - recharges the battery in just 4 hours.•Built-in VOX function, with adjustable sensitivity, for hands-free use
•Sleek and slim, ergonomic design - very comfortable to carry and use.
•Weatherproof construction and sealed casing protects the radiofrom dust and rain (IP55).
•Motorola compatible, two-pin accessory jack for the widest choice of audio accessories.
•Two configurable dual-function side buttons to activate a range of additional features or customize operation.
•Extensive range of additional accessories - including headsets, microphones, carry cases, car chargers, programming kits and more - to enhance operation and suit your own operating requirements.

How the Opus T2 makes sense:  The T2 is first choice for any  user or organisation looking for a reliable, high quality, simple to operate, business grade radio for licensed or license free use.

*See PDF download for specifications.