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OPUS D2 Radio Hand Held

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OPUS D2 Digital

Licensed Wireless Radio Handset

The Opus D2 hand held is a compact DMR digital two-way radio and exceptional value. It combines the advantages of digital communication with ease of use and great audio quality.

Compact & Simple
Opus radios have always focused on simplicity of operation and the Opus D2 is no exception. Intuitive controls mean that users need little, if any, training to start communicating more effectively. Being very compact and lightweight, the Opus D2 is unobtrusive and easy to keep close at hand.

Pricing starting at: £123.75

Download PDF: OPUS-D2
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Product Information

A digital wireless radio from Opus, the D2 is small and compact.

Key Features:
• Simple controls and voice annunciation make operation intuitive.
• DMR Digital and analogue compatible for integration flexibility.
• High capacity (1600 mAh) Li-ION rechargeable battery pack - provides over 12 hours use between charges.
• Loud and clear audio ensures reliable communication.
• Pre-programmed with 16 user-selectable channels.
• Desktop intelligent fast charger - recharges the battery in just 4 hours.
• Compact, ergonomic design - very comfortable to carry and use.
• Stands just 194mm tall and weighs only 230g.
• Enhance operation to suit your requirements with an extensive range of additional accessories - including headsets, microphones, carry cases and more.

DMR Digital Technology: The advanced digital technology behind the Opus D2 has a number of key advantages over conventional analogue radios. Speech quality is enhanced and background noise reduced so your communication remains clearer over longer distances. Your operating time is also extended since the radio is able to operate more efficiently and minimise battery consumption. The risks of your messages being overheard by other radio users are also reduced. DMR digital radio signals cannot be heard on low cost radio ‘scanners’. However, for increased privacy the Opus D2 can also encrypt your messages making call interception almost impossible.

Step Towards The Future: As well as operating in Digital mode, the Opus D2 can also operate in conventional analogue mode. If you have an older analogue radio system, the Opus D2 can seamlessly join your fleet. This makes it a great choice to replace ageing analogue radios and get your radio system ‘digital ready’. It may even be more affordable than new analogue only radios! Naturally, your Opus D2 can also integrate with existing DMR digital radio systems for total flexibility.

Twice The Communication: The Opus D2 exploits the full potential of DMR digital communication, delivering two simultaneous conversations on the same frequency. This doubles your communication capacity and can halve your licensing costs.

Highly Customisable: As you would expect, the Opus D2 is compatible with a very wide range of audio accessories from simple, listen-only, earpieces to ear defender style, noise-cancelling headsets. A range of carrying accessories is also available.

Useful Design Features: The Opus D2 is supplied with a drop-in single charger. If you have multiple chargers alongside each other, they can be quickly interlocked together keeping your charging area neat and tidy. In an emergency, the orange alert button can be used to emit a siren, attracting the attention of staff nearby.

Opus For The Future: As your radio system develops, your Opus D2 radios will evolve with you. This makes them a secure long-term investment. The Opus D2 is an impressive and effective communication tool - contact your dealer and try one today!

Everything you need - all in one box!  Radio body with compact antenna, Li-ION battery pack (1600mAh), Desktop fast charger, UK Power supply, Belt clip, Simple-to-follow instructions.

*See PDF download for specifications.