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Entel 485 Two Way Radio

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Licensed radio Handset

The DX400 DMR digital portable two way radio handset series are incredibly compact, MIL-STD & IP68, affordable business critical two way radios in the market today. With outstanding audio, good clarity, high quality and adequate volume they beat other handsets easily. Ergonomic and tactile buttons allow this unit to be at home even for large commercial operations.

Pricing starting at: £169.40

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Product Information

Below are full technical specifications of these Entel radios, additional accessories including  reviews that have been completed. Lastly, fill out the contact form to contact us for the best UK pricing. Check our price promise too!

Carefully designed ergonomics and ultra tactile buttons, utilising superior construction and loud unrivalled audio levels make the DX400 series of radios exceptional for applications where larger commercial-sized radios will have been used before.

* 4W RF power output  * 64 position channel selector  * IP68 2 metres for 4 hours  * MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F/G  * dimensions 97mm(h) x 59.5mm(w) x 33mm(d) with CNB420E  * dimensions 97mm(h) x 59.5mm(w) x 37mm(d) with CNB450E  * weight 253g with CNB420E battery  * weight 267g with CNB450E battery  * duty cycle with CNB420E 1350mAh battery 11h digital, 8h analogue  * duty cycle with CNB450E 2000mAh battery 17h digital, 11h analogue  * Lithium-ion battery technology  * lockable accessory connector.

Standard Package:

* CNB485 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery pack 
* CSAHX fast mains charger 
* powerful high gain antenna
* 2 years minimum guarantee
* user guide