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What's different about Two Way Radios UK?

Firstly, we're not a new company! In fact we have been in business since January 1989 and we specialize in communications technology and walkie talkies from the biggest brands. Portable radio brands like Motorola, Hytera, iCOM, Kenwood, HQT, Entel and many other brands like Vertex Standard that recently fell under the Motorola brand. Hands free too! And of course we sell and support  digital radios. As a specialist in the communications field of radio products we can ensure that you get the right product at the right price with probably the best support in the world. We don't operate like some companies out there that use your company name to bolster their profile - your data is completely safe with us and we operate to GDPR privacy standards.  Our Motorola solutions are legendary.

More about us

While we don't disclose clients, we supply some of the largest corporate accounts right here in the UK, Southern Ireland and other demographics. There are reasons those companies buy from us. Things like service levels, support and lastly price where our pricing policy guarantees that for any given handset we will better any UK sourced product price from any company. We have the financial wherewithal to compete against ANY company out there, whether you want radios, support or service agreements, hire of two way radios or accessories of the highest quality. Need a reference? just ask!

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